Hemp is not Marijuana, although it is a similar type of plant. Unlike the Marijuana plant, the hemp plant has less than 5% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) as opposed to the Marijuana plant which can be as much as 35% and in some strains much higher.

California grown organic hemp biomass

Snapz Duo hemp cigarettes are manufactured from California grown, 100% organic, hemp biomass, which has practically all of the THC removed during processing. This process only leaves the remaining, beneficial, cannabinoids which include CBG, CBDA and CBC. All of which are known to have health benefits. 

Independently batch tested

Snapz Duo hemp cigarettes are independently batch tested, to maintain the highest product quality and to ensure that the THC levels are within the EU and UK permitted amount. All of the test results can be found on our website, here.

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The dual flavour capsules in our hemp cigarettes are what makes Snapz Duo truly unique. Our product is big on flavour, by just snapping one or both of the capsules found within the filter tip the flavours can be transformed to the consumers liking. 



Original Hemp, Menthol Hemp Only, Fruit Hemp Only, Menthol Fruit Hemp 





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